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Great Teams are Built in the Offseason!

It's no secret that the offseason is a crucial component to any successful football program. Woodside's offseason typically begins in January and continues all the way through the end of Summer.  An offseason points system is in place to reward players who participate in offseason football activities as well as other school sports. Points are also gained for attending tutorial sessions, achieving good grades at the end of each grading period, and various other team activities.

Total points determine the order of equipment issue, number selection, reps to start Spring Ball and Fall Camp, and numerous other perks and benefits.

Winter Strength & Conditioning


Our Strength & Conditioning program kicks off immediately after Winter Break. This is our heavy lifting period where we focus on improving functional strength, flexibility and stability, explosiveness and power.  It is encouraged that all Woodside football players not involved in other school sports participate in our Strength & Conditioning program to best put them in a position to compete for playing time.

Spring Football

Spring Football starts mid May and lasts for two weeks. This is our first true opportunity to teach and evaluate our players in the fundamentals of Wildcat football while making preparations and adjustments for the upcoming season.


2019 Spring practices begin on May 13th


Summer Camp

Our Summer Camps are where we provide our most direct offseason football instruction. Summer consists extensive field work in addition to heavy lifting and conditioning. Camps are open to all who want to participate with aspirations of improving as football players!

2018 Camp Dates:    June 11th - July 20th

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